Respecting the healthy ingredients of fresh fruits, in 2019 we created a series of traditional refreshments called CICADA.

These are ready-to-use recipes in 8 delightful flavors, allowing you to prepare your refreshing drink on the spot. All you need to create the sound of enjoyment is your favorite flavor, water or soda, ice, and you’re ready to go. Treat yourself to the delightful sound of the cicada with every beverage you make using CICADA!

Relax in your seat and “listen” to the sound of the cicada, of summer and carefreeness. Travel back to your carefree childhood and indulge in the pleasure!

In the series, we also offer 4 products with the same delightful experience but with fewer calories, as we have replaced sugar with agave syrup! It’s a sweetener with a low glycemic index, minimal calories, but the same pleasure! This way, you can enjoy it guilt-free in all seasons of the year.

Each bottle of homemade traditional refreshment provides 25 servings of 580ml in the special CICADA jar!