Agave: Nature’s Purest Sweetener

It became famous in the ’90s when nutritionists began praising its virtues. Since then, agave syrup has proven that it is here to stay…

When you taste it, you feel the aroma of freshly cut agave. That’s the nectar of agave, also known by its most popular term: the juice from the leaves of the Mexican agave plant. A perennial plant in the midst of the arid desert, giving a distillate so concentrated in aromas and flavors that it made national tequila a brand name everywhere. But the beloved agave is not just limited to tequila, as the thin liquid syrup with its light sweetness has all the beauty of sugar without its heavy legacy.

Agave Syrup vs. Sugar

In the ’90s, when dieticians were searching for various substitutes for health-conscious individuals, they discovered that agave syrup has it all and is advantageous. Mainly because of fructose (yes, we’re talking about fructose) that fuels the body without triggering an insulin explosion. In practice, agave syrup has a very low glycemic index (11 – 19), does not raise blood sugar levels, and does not burden the pancreas. And not only is it 100% natural sweetener, but it also contains traces of iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Moreover, agave syrup dissolves easily, making it the best all-around sweetener that can be used practically everywhere.